Strategic Business Framework

We Maximize Advertising Budgets & Drive Customer Results!

Vision Statement

The Vision of Monarch Media Solutions is to drive our clients’ business success through strategic and effective media placement with an emphasis on long-term relationships to ultimately be known as the preferred media buying firm.

Core Values

1) Responsiveness ~ Listening to and understanding our client’s needs
2) Integrity ~ Working with, for and on behalf of our clients
3) Relationships ~ Building trust with clients and collaborating with vendors and partners
4) Community ~ Giving of ourselves to make our communities a better place to live, work and play

Mission Statement

The Mission of Monarch Media Solutions is to listen to and engage with clients and then research the most effective and efficient ways to deliver strategic multi-media solutions that bring businesses new customers and boost sales growth.

COMPETITIVE EDGE ~ The Monarch Media Solutions Value

Engaging with Businesses

• Planning strategically to place effective multi-media messages
• Becoming an extension of your marketing team and company as a liaison for media inquiries
• Choosing the right media mix and reaching the right people at the right time and place
• Driving business results with effective media buying solutions
• Growing businesses by cutting advertising costs and increasing media effectiveness
• Excelling at saving time, energy and $$$…Passing those savings directly on to YOU!

Today’s Tough Business Decision … Whether to Reinvest Your Advertising $$$ or Keep the Money We Save YOU!