Why Us – Driving results …

Helping your business grow through effective advertising

Our ultimate goal for every client is to grow business, cut ad costs and increase the effectiveness of advertising. But beyond this concrete objective, lies a softer one in which we also strive to create lasting client relationships and offer unique advantages.


Our Values:

The phrase may be overused, but there’s simply no better way to say that we put the customer first. Serving our clients’ needs is the top priority on our to-do list each day. We take pride in forming long lasting client relationships and loyalty to our clients is woven into our identity. Most importantly, we remain objective to ensure our judgment is always in the best interest of your business and specific goals.

Our Advantages:

We love a challenge. Whether your budget is limited or luxurious, we enjoy negotiating hard on your behalf to save money while increasing efficiency. Because of our relationships within the media market, we are often able to secure added value opportunities for our clients such as digital presence, website links, bonus spots or sponsorships. The standard commissions from the media outlets cover our costs, so there are no additional fees for you to pay. We know that every dollar counts and so we respect the budget we’re given, often saving clients 15-30% or an equitable increase in overall efficiency.
“We excel at saving, not spending – and we pass this savings directly on to you.”
Additionally, Monarch Media Solutions is that fresh set of eyes that provides an objective look at what’s working and what’s not. Our free media analysis gives every advertising plan a deep look into who you’re trying to reach and whether you’re actually reaching them. We research all opportunities and provide you with the right mix of media to strategically hit your target audience.