Case Studies:

Case Study 1:

One of the most valuable services we can offer a client is a media audit.  Simply said, we take an objective look at what a business has been doing to see if there is a more efficient way to advertise.

Our favorite case study comes from a client who had just found out that they needed to cut their newspaper and radio advertising budget by 20%.  After digging into the research and determining who they were trying to reach we conducted an audit to see if there were any wasted dollars lurking.


The results were actually quite interesting.   The client had been doing a great job overall.  What we found was that they were buying ritualistically, as in ‘We’ve always bought it like that’ and also weren’t targeting their Women 25-49 demographic efficiently with their current media mix.

The recommendation we provided not only allowed them to air on four radio stations whose formats were more suited to their demographics, but we targeted specific ads in newspaper, added a TV campaign including production costs, added a budget for digital campaign and included our standard commissions.  The addition of the other media into the mix created a synergy that increased the efficiency and yet achieved it with 27% less dollars than they had been spending.